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Our technical assets

Explore a new dimension of acoustic comfort with the 2023 collection of Blabla-Cube cabins. Featuring innovation and expertise, each booth is designed to transcend traditional standards of acoustic insulation. Whether you're looking for an individual workspace or a place to stimulate team collaboration, our tailor-made acoustic solutions can be adapted to your specific needs. With extensive customisation options, refined design, uncompromising acoustic performance, exemplary agility and perfect durability, we promise you an optimal sound experience. At Blabla-Cube, we are first and foremost committed to creating environments that promote concentration, collaboration and serenity.


Maximise productivity with a high-performance acoustic cab, offering state-of-the-art sound insulation for undisturbed meetings or moments of concentration.

gif ventilation 2024.gif

Air renewal up to 7.5 times the required standard

+ 40% de ventilation

From 225 m3/h to 800 m3/h
Ultra-quiet : 13 dB
Air renewal up to 7.5 times the required standard

Exceptional sound attenuation of -36dB

ISO 11957 standard
Speech reduction : - 36 dB

ISO 23351 standard
Cabin sound insulation performance: - 29.3 dB

Blabla-Cube cabins embody excellence in terms of acoustic performance. Their design emphasises refined acoustics, capable of modulating a variety of sound frequencies. The integrated system offers over 40% ventilation, ensuring optimum air circulation without compromising noise attenuation. In particular, our acoustic booths stand out for their ability to significantly reduce the decibel level of speech, making the working environment much more peaceful and conducive to concentration.



A flexible, adaptable solution that integrates easily into a variety of environments, offering mobility and ease of installation to meet your changing needs. Our soundproof booths embody the flexibility of an acoustic solution adapted to the modern working world. They feature a reversible door that allows you to choose the direction in which it opens, offering additional flexibility in terms of space planning. The base can be fixed or mobile, thanks to invisible castors integrated into the floor, for easy handling and adaptability as your needs change. The agility of our booths, combined with their acoustic performance, makes them ideal solutions for creating a flexible, modular working environment.

gif fixe - mobile.gif

Reversible door

With our reversible door, you can change the opening direction of your cabin door at any time to suit your needs.

Mobile and fixed base

You can choose whether your cab is fixed, with adjustable 2.8 cm jacks, or mobile, with invisible castors.

porte réversible.png


Adapt your space with flexible customisation options to create the acoustic enclosure that perfectly reflects your style and professional needs.

What elements can you customise?

Our 2023 collection offers the ultimate in customisation when it comes to sound insulation. The thickness of the walls and the choice of materials influence sound insulation. 
 Floor coverings, fabrics, colours, the look of wood or lacquer, connector options - these are all features that can be selected to suit your aesthetic requirements, while optimising sound wave management and airborne noise reduction.

Our customisable elements

The elements that can be customised are : 
 - The finish of the exterior structure (white, anthracite or wood) 
- Interior panels (white, anthracite or wood) 
- Exterior panels (white, anthracite, wood, fabrics) - Interior fabrics for acoustic panels, benches and false ceilings. See colour chart.
 - Fixed or mobile
 - Door opening direction
 - Glass or solid background - Occupancy signal, or not!
 - Screen equipment, or not! 
 - Writing board, or not! 
 - Induction charger, or not ! 
 - Fan and light dimmer, or not !

GIF personnalisable 2024.gif

An aesthetic signature

Combine aesthetics with functionality, thanks to a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates acoustic technology for an exceptional visual and auditory experience.

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Our projects

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