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why choose Blabla-Cube?

The soundproofed acoustic cab,,

Cabine acoustique insonorisée.jpg

La cabine acoustique insonorisée conçue par Blabla-Cube est une innovation révolutionnaire dans le monde de l'isolation phonique. La cabine acoustique offre un confort acoustique affichant de hautes performances et garantissant une réduction significative des bruits extérieurs en contrôlant le niveau sonore à l'intérieur de l'espace.

The soundproof acoustic booth designed by Blabla-Cube is a revolutionary innovation in the world of sound insulation. It offers high-performance acoustic comfort, guaranteeing a significant reduction in external noise by controlling the noise level inside the space. The cabin is insulated by high-performance acoustic panels on the inside walls. These panels are covered with a special coating that absorbs unwanted sound frequencies and minimises reverberation. The result is a clean, clear sound experience, free from environmental noise.

What are the advantages of the Blabla-Cube soundproof booth?

1. Acoustic performance

Thanks to its high-quality acoustic insulation, our cab significantly reduces noise pollution, providing an environment conducive to concentration and productivity.

2. Flexibility of use

Our booths can be used in a variety of contexts, whether for meetings in a professional environment, music recording sessions or podcast sessions => to organise private calls away from eavesdroppers, informal exchanges with your colleagues, or to be installed in a reception or waiting room, in an open space... A wide range of uses is possible thanks to the different models and sizes available, with individual booths for meetings between two people, adapted for four people, and XL versions for a wide range of arrangements.

3. Compact design

Thanks to its compact, elegant design, our soundproof acoustic booth concept can be easily integrated into any space, without taking up any space and requiring only a traditional power socket.

Why opt for a soundproof acoustic booth?

The soundproof booth designed by Blabla-Cube is a multifunctional space that meets a variety of needs. Its main use is in the professional sector, where it provides a quiet, isolated space in professional offices and tertiary spaces for meetings, telephone calls or concentrated work, particularly in open-space or coworking premises. An essential piece of equipment if your company practices Flex Office.


It is also very popular with university students. Students in higher education, for example, can take advantage of a soundproof booth to work without being disturbed by surrounding noise. Campuses and open spaces within these establishments are reputed to be lively and noisy, not conducive to concentration and isolation.

Blabla-Cube offers a solution for students looking for a private, soundproof space within their school or university.

But the list of possible uses for soundproof booths is far from exhaustive, as they can be used for a wide range of specific purposes, such as distance learning, to provide an environment conducive to learning without interference from outside noise, call centres to ensure clear communication without sound interference, or libraries to create silent study areas.

Understand the technology behind the Blabla-Cube soundproof booth!

Our soundproof cab uses advanced technology to optimise acoustic performance. It is designed with a specific partition that incorporates high-performance sound insulation. This partition, combined with acoustic panels, helps to attenuate sound by absorbing unwanted frequencies.

The lining of our cabs is also essential to their effectiveness. It is made from specific materials, designed to absorb every resonance to ensure that the sounds inside the cab remain clear and unaltered by noise from the open spaces outside. Even the smallest gap can allow noise pollution to be transmitted, which is why we use special insulation gaskets to ensure perfect sound absorption. The same applies to the ventilation of the soundproofed acoustic cabin, which is designed to minimise the impact on sound comfort, and to our 8mm Silence glazing, which has higher acoustic standards than the accepted norm.

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