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The BLABLA-CUBE acoustic enclosure range has everything you could wish for in terms of finish and acoustics. It can be customised to suit any environment, and is equipped with all the connectivity you need to work comfortably.

With a wide choice of aesthetic and technical configuration options, you can create a unique, made-to-measure BLABLA-CUBE to suit your needs and your working environment!

Configuring my cabin

Cabin floor

fond vitré

Glass bottom

fond plein

Solid bottom


signal occupation

Busy signal

equipement ecran

Screen equipment

habillage lateral tissu

Fabric side cladding

Tableau écritoire

Writing board

chargeur induction

Induction charger


Structure extérieur S1.png

S1 : White

Structure extérieur S2.png

S2 : Charcoal

Structure extérieur S3.png

S3 : Wood

Outer panels

Panneaux E1.png

E1 : White

Panneaux E2.png

E2 : Charcoal

Panneaux E3.png

E3 : Wood

Inner panels

Panneaux I1 copie.png

I1 : White

Panneaux I2 copie.png

I2 : Charcoal

Panneaux I3 copie.png

I3 : Wood

Choosing the fabric cover

Colourful inside and out!

Choose the fabric of your choice from our selection below to cover the sides of your cabins !


Option not available for the Sixo and XL cabs.

SIXO - S1.E3.I3 - cumin et lin copie.png

A multitude of possibilities

The colour of the benches and panels can be differentiated.

QUATTRO - FACE - fond plein - B2425.png
QUATTRO - FACE - fond vitré - B2425.png
QUATTRO - FACE - fond vitré - B2425 - A2409.png

Solid fabric back

Glass back

Mismatched benches

Elégance range

Tradition range

Gabriel Chili range - M1 non-fire class

Exclusive partnership

Customise the finish of your cabin by choosing from a wide range of Kvadrat and Gabriel products.

Kvadrat range

E : Field, Remix 2

F : Ronica 2, Divina, Divina Melange

Gabriel range
C : Atlantic, Tonal, Twist, Twist Melange, Hush

D : Medley, Cura, Chili
F : Europost

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