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Partnership with My Tree

1 cabin bought, 1 tree planted!

Blabla-Cube x My tree :

To offset the carbon impact of manufacturing our Blabla-Cube acoustic cabins, we decided to work with MyTree to plant a tree for every booth sold.

By buying Blabla-Cube, you are helping to preserve
biodiversity and protecting the climate.

Your tree will be planted by the My Tree organisation, which works throughout France on agro-reforestation projects in partnership with local farmers.

By planting a tree, we help :


Combating global warming


Production of oxygen


of biodiversity


Supporting the local economy


When it came to choosing materials, Blabla-Cube made a point of choosing local partners. In addition, we have selected eco-responsible materials that are recycled and recyclable wherever possible. Our Oekotex-certified fabrics are part of this approach to protecting the environment and the health of users.

Wood from French sustainably managed forests

Fabrics made from
recycled bottles


Low-energy electrical system

Oekotex foam

An eco-designed product

An Eco Conçu product is a product which has been designed so that its design, assembly, destruction and recycling are as simple as possible and respectful of the environment.

Blabla Cube cabins have been designed with these principles in mind. All the components of our cabins can be detached from each other for optimum recycling.

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Local manufacturing

Our range of acoustic cabins is manufactured in our 6000m² workshops in the Drôme region of France. Thanks to a constantly renewed machine park and the various skills of our
of our employees, we take care of wood processing, lacquering, textile upholstery and all other stages in the manufacture of our cabins.
To underline this approach, we recently received Origine France Garantie certification.


From design to the end of the cabins' life, our carbon impact is controlled. By choosing local partners and manufacturing in France, we're as close as possible to our suppliers and customers, so we're limiting the distances we travel and therefore our carbon footprint.

What's more, thanks to our approach of 1 cabin bought = 1 tree planted, our Blabla-Cubes help to absorb CO². It takes 2 years for each Blabla to become carbon neutral.


40 kg/year of co² absorbed by a tree


In 2 years, Blabla-Cube achieves carbon neutrality


Glazing made from 30% recycled glass



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