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Blabla Solo : 
Cabine acoustique 1 personne 

With its compact size, the Solo cabin fits easily into any workspace, offering users a full range of equipment for making calls discreetly and in total comfort!


Efficient and silent
Flow rate: 280m3/h Acoustics: 13 dB


Can be moved at any time
2.8 cm threshold,
5 castors and integrated adjustment jacks


Sound reduction: 36 dB


2 x 220V sockets,
1 USB-A, 1 USB-C, 1RJ45


Soft and warm

1  LED spotlight with 800 lm power

Reversible door

Adapts to your preferred configuration

Data sheet

Rectangle 19.png

Exterior dimensions     
Inside dimensions        
Exterior trim 
Interior trim 
Floor covering
Ventilation Acoustics

100 x 107 x 217 cm
91 x 93 x 209 cm / HSP : 200 cm 
250 kg
Compressed wood or 100% PES textile
100% PES textile
100% Polyester carpet
LED 800 lm
Acoustic 13dB - Airflow 280 m3/h
220V / 1 USB-A / 1 USB-C / 1 RJ45

Blabla Solo

 Cabine acoustique 1 personne

Our projects

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Our technical strengths

An elegant fusion of contemporary aesthetics and acoustic technology

Aesthetic signature :

bevelled angle


Speech reduction :

- 36 dB

Agile :

Mobile or fixed base

They trust us

Other cabins

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve the acoustics in your workspace? Look no further!

The Solo acoustic booth is designed to meet your needs in terms of sound insulation, while offering a modern and elegant design. Find out in this article how this innovative booth combines technology and functionality to create a pleasant working environment.

What is a Solo acoustic booth?

A Solo acoustic booth is a structure designed to accommodate a single person. It provides a private, acoustically isolated space within an open workspace, allowing an employee to work, make telephone calls or concentrate without being disturbed by the surrounding noise.


This booth has a small footprint and is designed to fit easily into open spaces without cluttering up the environment. It is fitted with sound-absorbing materials to reduce internal and external noise pollution, ensuring an adequate level of noise privacy for the user.


These acoustic cubicles are equipped with features such as integrated lighting, ventilation and electrical sockets to meet the needs of the user during their time inside.

By offering a private space within the open space, Solo cubicles help to improve employee comfort, concentration and productivity.

Soundproofing and innovative materials

The confidentiality of your conversations is guaranteed at ambient noise levels of over 32 dB! 

Every aspect of the Solo acoustic enclosure's design has been meticulously thought through to provide optimum sound insulation.

At the heart of this performance is acoustic foam, an innovative material specially designed to absorb sound waves and reduce internal echoes.

In addition, the design of the cab has been studied to channel the airflow through devices that act as sound traps, reducing acoustic losses. This approach effectively blocks conversations inside the cab, creating a peaceful and serene interior environment.

Finally, high-quality acoustic seals, combined with 8 mm Silence laminated glass, ensure a perfect seal, preventing any acoustic airflow from entering the cabin.

As a result, users can enjoy total peace of mind and concentrate fully on their tasks without being disturbed by external noise distractions.

A modern design

The Solo acoustic booth is distinguished by its resolutely modern, uncluttered design. With its simple, uncluttered lines, it blends in perfectly with any type of work or relaxation environment. The glazed back of the booths adds a touch of elegance while allowing visibility between the inside and outside of the booth.

Customised to suit your needs and desires

Customisation is at the heart of the Solo acoustic enclosure.

With a wide choice of finishes, configurations and options, you can create a space that reflects your style and adapts to even the most demanding decors. Add options to make your cabin even more practical and comfortable.


You can choose from a wide range of options, such as a writing tablet, exterior fabric upholstery, an occupancy signal or a solid floor for an ultra-cozy cabin!

Agile and scalable

The Solo acoustic booth is distinguished by its agile, scalable design, offering unrivalled flexibility in modern workspaces.

Its mobile base means it can be moved quickly and easily to suit the changing needs of the office environment, allowing space to be reorganised efficiently and effortlessly. 

What's more, the reversible door offers additional versatility by allowing the opening direction to be changed to suit the constraints of the space. This offers maximum adaptability to meet the changing layout needs of every business.

This agility and scalability make the Solo acoustic enclosure an ideal choice for dynamic working environments where flexibility and modularity are essential.

Efficient, silent ventilation

To maintain healthy, fresh air inside the cab, an efficient, silent ventilation system has been installed. This system guarantees air renewal in less than a minute without sacrificing sound insulation, providing you with a serene environment conducive to work or relaxation. 

Comfort and privacy to meet all your employees' needs!

With its compact, ergonomic design, the Solo acoustic booth provides a private, acoustically isolated space, allowing people to concentrate fully on their tasks without being disturbed by ambient noise.

Whether for : 

- Making telephone calls
- Taking part in virtual meetings
- Working in silence

This oasis of tranquillity at the heart of the open space offers unrivalled comfort!

Beyond these common applications, the Solo acoustic booth can be adapted to other specific uses thanks to its modularity and customisation options. So you're sure to find the ideal solution, whatever your situation.

Invest in a Solo acoustic enclosure: comfort, aesthetics and performance all come together!

Whether you're an innovative start-up looking to optimise your workspace, or an established business looking to improve employee comfort, investing in a custom-built acoustic booth is a wise choice.

With their unique combination of comfort, aesthetics and performance, these booths represent the future of dynamic, wellness-focused working environments. Get a head start and discover today the benefits that a Solo acoustic booth can offer your company and your employees.

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