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Blabla Duo

No more two-person meetings on a table corner. The Duo will soon become the essential format for all open spaces. Its size means it can be easily integrated into workspaces or traffic areas. It offers users a full range of connectivity equipment and great comfort!


Efficient and quiet
Flow rate: 575 m3/h Acoustics: 13 dB


Can be moved at any time

2.8 cm threshold,
13 castors and integrated adjustment jacks


Speech reduction : 36 dB


2 x 220V sockets,
1 USB-A, 1 USB-C, 1RJ45


Soft and warm

1 LED spotlight with 800 lm power

Reversible door

Adapts to your preferred configuration

Data sheet

Rectangle 19.png

Exterior dimensions     
Inside dimensions        
Exterior trim 
Interior trim 
Floor covering
Ventilation Acoustics

200 x 100 x 217 cm 
184 x 92 x 206 cm / HSP : 198 cm 
670 kg
Compressed wood or 100% PES textile
100% PES textile
100% Polyester carpet
LED 800 lm
Acoustic 13dB - Airflow 575 m3/h
2 x 220V / 1 USB-A / 1 USB-C / 1 RJ45

Blabla Duo


Our projects

Configure your Blabla-Cube on                planner

Our technical advantages

An elegant fusion of contemporary aesthetics and acoustic technology

Aesthetic signature :

bevelled angle


Speech reduction :

- 36 dB

Agile :

Mobile or fixed base

They trust us

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