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Blabla-Cube, total transparency with Eco Impact

For Blabla-Cube, a durable acoustic cavbin is one which is well thought out, well produced and designed to withstand the rigours of day-to-day life in the office.
Our furniture is beautiful and timeless, made in Beaumont-lès-Valence using environmentally-friendly materials.


However, taking this commitment even further, we have made a hard-hitting choice in opting for Eco Impact, an external and independent organisation, to rate the environmental and social impacts of our products.

Why éco-rate Blabla-Cube acoustic cabins ? 




To help you make informed choices.

Continuous Improvement

To help us identify our priority areas for improvement.

Collines verdoyantes

To fight against


To approve our actions and our values and to leave no room for misleading communication.

How does Eco Impact rate our products  ?

The Eco Impact rating is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (a complete study of all component parts of a piece of furniture, from the extraction of the raw materials that make it up to its end of life, including manufacture and transportation, etc.), but incorporating exacting qualitative criteria such as the social conditions under which the product is manufactured.

Our Blabla-Cube acoustic cabines, rated A by Eco Impact

Les blocs de bois
Raw materials

Use of recycled materials and solid wood. 98% of raw materials sourced in France.

White Van

European sourcing, 780 km on average.

Dans la forêt
Durable & recyclable

Fully separable product.

Carpentry Workshop_edited.jpg
Working Conditions

A cooperative company with a committed social policy.

Following an assessment carried out by Eco Impact ™ based on the principles of Life Cycle Assessment, our cabins were awarded an A rating on a scale from A to E.

This grade recognizes the value of our eco-design work.

Keen to find out more about the methodology used?
Don't hesitate to visit the Eco Impact website!

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