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La cabine acoustique connectée

 Blabla-Cube, a revolution against noise pollution!

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Dans le monde bruyant d'aujourd'hui, le silence est devenu un luxe. Les espaces de travail partagés, tels que les bureaux ouverts et les espaces de coworking, favorisent la collaboration mais sont souvent source de nuisances sonores. C'est là que la cabine acoustique connectée Blabla-Cube prend tout son sens ! Conçues avec un souci du détail exemplaire et une expertise professionnelle, nos cabines connectées offrent des performances acoustiques impressionnantes. Leur revêtement absorbant et leurs panneaux acoustiques, associés à des parois revêtues d'un isolant phonique performant, permettent d'atténuer considérablement les bruits extérieurs. Les fréquences sonores, hautes et basses, sont filtrées pour garantir un confort acoustique optimal, en évitant la réverbération et les vibrations.

Trust Blabla-Cube to design your connected acoustic booth:

Blabla-Cube is now a recognised leader in the field of intelligent acoustic solutions. Our connected booths stand out for their elegant design and unrivalled acoustic performance.

We can customise your cabin to suit your needs and preferences. and preferences. The choice of upholstery, colours, size and connected options to be options to be integrated, is left entirely up to you.

Why choose Blabla-Cube ?

By choosing Blabla-Cube, you benefit from :

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A wide range of configurations and connections are available, including power sockets, RJ 45, an induction battery charging system and ventilation control systems.

What are the different uses of a connected acoustic booth?

Versatility is one of the major assets of the Blabla-Cube connected acoustic booth.

Whether you need to concentrate on an important project, make a call without disturbing those around you, or hold a meeting in a peaceful environment, these cabins are the answer to all your acoustic challenges. Our connected acoustic booths go even further. They transform into high-tech workspaces, allowing you to plug in your devices, connect to your facility's wi-fi network and work in total freedom, just like anywhere else in your office, with the added bonus of peace and quiet.

In short, whether you're in a shared work environment, an individual office or a co-working space, Blabla-Cube's connected booths offer you a cutting-edge acoustic solution that's fully customisable and intelligent. Don't put up with noise nuisance any longer, opt for high-performance, connected soundproofing!

The connected acoustic booth: the future of office work

Beyond its main role as a sound shield, our connected acoustic booth is a truly flexible workspace. Perfectly adapted to the diversity of tasks in a modern working environment, thanks to ergonomic office furniture and appropriate connections, it can be used for small meetings, confidential telephone calls or simply as an individual desk for working in peace and quiet.


Thanks to our cable routing system, we can customize your soundproof booth to suit your needs. This new dimension is made possible by the insertion of an aluminum frame within the interior acoustic panels of our Solo Bureau model, enabling you to install a screen equipped with a camera and sound bar.

Your acoustic booth allows you to connect with colleagues, partners and customers, and follow videoconferences, all in perfect acoustic comfort.

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Quality and innovation for acoustic comfort

When you choose Blabla-Cube, you're opting for quality, innovation and customization for your connected workspaces. We're committed to providing you with a connected acoustic cubicle that meets your specific needs, while complying with the strictest acoustic standards.


Blabla-Cube's connected acoustic booths are much more than a simple noise management tool. They are an invitation to rethink the way we work, to promote well-being and productivity, and to embrace the future of work. So don't wait any longer to work in peace, and choose a modular, adjustable acoustic solution with Blabla-Cube!

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